Select an "opportunity of inversion" that gather the following requirements:
Plans of optimization

Is necessary to draw a strategy of investment that permit to minimize the risks and to enlarge the expectations of the profit value.

Study detailed of the business to offer maintaining special attention in the different and changing tendencies of the present market.

Seek and we select the better locations, in important cities, in the first line of beaches, fields or small farms, in exclusive zones of golf resorts and of future consolidated.

The presentation of the product al client is carried out accompanied by all the necessary managements to define and to give security to the operations: urban development information, deal with, etc.

During the phase of negotiation and closing of the operations we work in narrow contribution with our clients, editing contracts and facilitating the agreement among the parts.

Our commercial team will be in charge of finding al suitable representative for each real estate, continuing the criteria of profit value and security demanded by the client.

Uruguay / Maldonado / Punta del Este
APARTMENT | 158 m2
Apartamento nuevo, de 3 dormitorios en suite completamente decorado.    Una torre de alta gama que incorpora departamentos de 2 y 3 dormitorios en suite. Esta torre de departamentos de alta gama en Punta del Este, posee dos semitorres de 17 pisos compuestos por unidades medianas de 2 y 3 suites de gran categoría, con vi...
Sale: usd 440,000